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Kombucha Club is a service offered on a pickup basis in Brentwood + Earls Colne in
Essex and with valued third party suppliers.

Customers automatically opt to receive their purchase in a zero-waste format, that is, a refillable bottle with a plastic free label.

When you purchase a Kombucha Club bottle, you are agree that, while all other terms and conditions apply, several special conditions also apply:

a). Your Kombucha club order will be picked up from your chosen location using your order number as reference.

b). Your Kombucha Club order is picked up ‘curbside’

c). It is your responsibility to ensure that empty bottles are stored inside at all times and returned to us in a clean condition.

d). It is your responsibility to ensure that empty bottles are returned to your supplier or Caro B within a month of your order being received.

A clean condition means the bottle is intact, undamaged, untarnished, and free from residues and stains.

Your bottles cannot be refilled by you and cannot contain any substance other than our kombucha.

You must provide your order number as a reference when you return them. The label will wash off with hot water, we do not mind if the bottle comes back with the label still on it.

We reserve the right to refuse bottles that are unclean, damaged, stained, tarnished or received over a month after your order was received. Bottles that are refused will incur a charge of £5 per bottle.

d). If for any reason we cannot fulfil your order we will notify you by email, cancel your order and issue a refund.

e). We may at times and at our discretion make alterations or substitutions to an order or parts of an order, for example if an item or flavour you have ordered is not in stock, we may substitute another flavour for the one which is not available, or cancel your order and issue a refund. We will inform you at our earliest opportunity should this occur.

f). Our kombucha must be refrigerated and it is your responsibility to place your delivery in the fridge as soon as possible. At ambient temperatures kombucha may continue to ferment and, over time, this may lead to an increase in the liquid carbonation levels, and may result in an increased in alcohol by volume. Left unchecked, this can lead to kombucha having an alcohol content above 0.5% ABV and/or hazardous or explosive bottle pressure, which usually only becomes a concern after more than one day at ambient temperature.


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Made by CaroB
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