Feel Good Organic Drinks
Made by CaroB


A sparkling fermented tea to awaken your tastebuds and nourish the body.
We mix in our starter culture in with sweetened tea, transforming it into an incredible tonic through our fermentation process.
Made by CaroB


Our organic loose leaf, hand blended teas are designed to invite balance, clarity or peace into your day.

We encourage you to create a ritual within routine, so that Tea Time becomes Your Time.

Made by CaroB

Shrub Soda

The feel-good soda that is seasonal and sense-awakening.

This super combination of fruit, apple cider vinegar and cane sugar creates a delicious zing for your tastebuds and a delightful dose of probiotics.

Welcome to Caro B

We create feel-good drinks that support your physical and mental wellbeing.

We are passionate about growing a brand that believes in discovering balance and creating consciously.

We package our products in recyclable and reusable materials.

The planet and our bodies are our homes. Treat them both kindly.

The Feel Good Drinks Company

Caro B began as a response to a health condition and is now a feel-good drinks company.

A venture that started as a healing journey has developed to become a brand that is focussed in helping others discover balance through ritual and nourishment.

Made by CaroB
Made by CaroB

Nourishing the mind and body

Equanimity can be discovered within balance.

We can thrive in a slow, conscious lifestyle that allows us to appreciate each moment.

Drinks can nourish the mind and body, helping you to feel good.

Routine can include rituals that support your physical and mental wellbeing.

Made by CaroB
The feel good club, sharing the probiotic wonders of craft kombucha, with a conscious twist

Nourish The Body

Kombucha is our sparkling fermented tea, designed to awaken your tastebuds and nourish the body.
Order on-demand, or set up a subscription to ensure you never run out.

Probiotic Punch

When consumed regularly, Caro B kombucha can provide your body with a tasty live probiotic punch that has been known to cure hangovers, balance the gut and lift the mood!

Daily Boost

We like to consume between 100-240ml each day and we have a cracking list of ways to make our kombucha your daily go-to. Sign up to our mailing list here to be the first in the know.
  • VItamin D 80% 80%
  • Potassium 30% 30%
  • VItamin B12 40% 40%
  • VItamin A 70% 70%
  • VItamin B 80% 80%
  • VItamin C 60% 60%

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Made by CaroB
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