Our product line of nourishing drinks has been expertly created and developed by Caro B.

All products are hand blended, hand pressed, brewed and fermented by hand.

See below our product line to discover the great pride that is taken in minimising waste and avoiding plastic in our packaging.


Tart and sweet and good for your gut

Kombucha is the naturally fizzy fermented drink to heal and nurture your body. Formed from a blend of tea leaves, scoby and cane sugar to give you a refreshing and delicious drink

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Herbal Tea

Tea that nourishes and nurtures you.

Caffeine free, simple herbal infusions, expertly designed to help you feel calm & balanced and rested & relaxed as part of your self-care ritual and to help you discover clarity and courage.

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Shrub Soda

The gut friendly soda

Formed from a simple cordial of fruit, apple cider vinegar and cane sugar, mixed with carbonated water, shrub is the soda with simple and natural ingredients that is good for your gut and tastes delicious.

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One planet, one human race. Every opportunity to allow it to thrive in a new and wonderful way.

Our Pledge

We have made a pledge to reduce the impact we have on the planet.

As a brand, our abilities to create more waste is far greater than the average consumer. 

We pledge to ensure that our waste is at all times, minimal in honour of the collaboration between Made by Caro B and Make it a Better Place.

Our Tea

Tea is often packaged in tea bags that are made from plastic fibres. These fibres end up in our drinks, our water, our oceans and our bodies. 

Single use tea bags themselves are an unnecessary item, when there are many alternatives that cause less of an environmental impact. 

Even fully biodegradable or plastic free single use teabags are a waste of energy and resources for our planet. 

Our tea is loose leaf and will always be loose leaf.

Repurpose to reduce

Our packaging is made from tin and glass, manufactured in the U.K. This supports local businesses and reduces our carbon footprint.

We ask that you recycle, repurpose and up-cycle our packaging. 

Our Glass

We use recycled glass for our bottles. 

By recycling responsibly, you will be directly contributing to environmental schemes such as maintaining safe roads and other wonderful projects. 

Our Tins

We encourage you to reuse your tins, repurpose and up-cycle them. 

This reduces your own carbon footprint, allowing you to give you tea tin a new life to preserve the life of our planet.

Say Hello

If you’d like to say hello, stock our products, or place an order with carob. please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!