Our Philosophy

We believe that equanimity is found in balance. We know that self care is a daily necessity. We thrive in a slow, conscious lifestyle that allows us to appreciate each moment.

At Made by Caro B, we believe that drinks should nourish the mind and body. They should make you feel wonderful and taste delicious. 

No longer is drinking a mindless activity where we are not present, where we are not conscious of each sip. To drink is now a mindful ritual that creates the environment where you take time and honour the being.

Our Story

Made by Caro B began as a response to a heart condition that encouraged a caffeine free lifestyle change that encompassed a slower and simpler approach.

Mainstream fizzy beverages contained ingredients that were damaging and herbal tea blends were often over complicated.

A space and place was created to experiment and discover homemade alternatives, with the following ground rules – A soda should nourish your body and lift you up. A herbal tea blend should be simple and sipped mindfully allowing you to cultivate a sense of nurturing. 

A venture that started as a self-care journey has developed over the years to become a brand that is dedicated to helping others discover balance in their lives, through nourishing the mind and body.

“We believe that balance comes from nourishment. To be truly nourished, one must be able to discover their own balance.”