Welcome to Caro B

We create drinks for all so that we can all nourish the mind and body, as we are all worthy of feeling wonderful.

We are passionate about growing a community that believes in a discovering balance and creating a well and healthy lifestyle.

We package our products in recyclable and reusable packaging where possible because we acknowledge the necessity to support our planet so that we can strive to leave the world in a better place.

Our Products


Tart and sweet and good for your gut

Kombucha is the naturally fizzy fermented drink to heal and nurture your body. Formed from a blend of tea leaves, scoby and cane sugar to give you a refreshing and delicious drink

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Herbal Tea

Tea that nourishes and nurtures you.

Caffeine free, simple herbal infusions, expertly designed to help you feel calm & balanced and rested & relaxed as part of your self-care ritual and to help you discover clarity and courage.

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Shrub Soda

The gut friendly soda

Formed from a simple cordial of fruit, apple cider vinegar and cane sugar, mixed with carbonated water, shrub is the soda with simple and natural ingredients that is good for your gut and tastes delicious.

Coming 2021

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